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About the craftsman

Black Horn Customs started in central Florida in 2019. 

 Bladesmith and Leathercrafter Nathaniel Cajudo  Jr  started blacksmithing in 2009 and is a martial artist of over 20 years specializing in edged weapons. After living in South East Asia and training jungle survival,sword and knife fighting, he became profoundly influenced by the ancient blade culture of the Philippines. As a fourth generation practitioner of the art of Kali within his own family, Nathaniel studied the balance, swing and cutting edge of combat edged weapons. As well as how to use them for bushcraft survival tought to him by the Ambala tribe in northern Philippines and Earth Skills survivalists and trackers through out south east U.S.

Having several instructors in the Eastern style as well as Western style of Bladesmithing, Nathaniel continues to hone his craft in a meditational manner of work, and for a great deal is self taught.